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WILLIAMS ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES, P.C. was founded by David R. Williams, P.E. in October of 1993. He has the requisite formal education, practical design experience and a background in construction that results in a unique skill set.

His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree from Old Dominion University (May, 1978) and a Masters Degree of Civil (Structural) Engineering from North Carolina State University (May, 1980). He has been a practicing structural engineer for 35 years and since starting his firm in 1993 has been involved in the successful design of over 650 commercial building projects, approximately 1/3 of which have been PEMBs.

He has been singly and totally responsible for each and every design project. He produces the entire structural engineering design, all of the computerized drawings and provides a senior engineer’s total involvement, from the initial proposal stage all the way through the completed construction.

Dave Williams also has a background in construction, starting at the age of 13 in his family’s pool business. Doing manual labor 6 days a week during many hot summers instilled a hard work ethic. He spent a lot of time in the bottom of a muddy pool excavation at the end of a shovel, one factor that persuaded him to go to college. It also taught him how to deal with construction jobsite personnel in a constructive manner as part of a team.

Another unique source of knowledge has resulted from personally inspecting building projects during construction via the code required Special Inspections Program. Although most consulting engineering firms send non licensed technicians to the site to perform these Special Inspections, Dave Williams has personally inspected his projects.

One key to avoiding issues and delays during construction is to have properly detailed drawings. Dave Williams wrote a book on the subject, the ‘STRUCTURAL DETAILS MANUAL’, published by McGraw Hill in October, 1998. Though now out of print, it is currently available from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. A customer’s review on Amazon.com has given it a perfect five star out of five star rating.

Has performed over 1,000 site inspections

Started in pool construction, circa 1967

Wrote a book on structural details